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Wanting to eat sweets is not an emotional decision.  It is a biological disorder direct to your willpower from screaming neurotransmitters that have driven you to overeat and desire foods that feed your addiction all of your life.  Today seventy percent of adults and forty percent of kids are overweight, and it seems like there is little we can do about it.  We eat three to five times a day whether we are hungry or not.  Convenience and bliss drive our choices with no thought of nutritional need.  We no longer eat one ingredient foods that have been grown in good soil with no pesticides or herbicide residue.  I frequently hear from people who are in crisis–diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, liver failure–all of these are the destructive end to the long road of sugar addiction.  Do you want to do something about it?

Quit cold turkey.  Do not eat any sugar or grains.  Do this for thirty days.  Start today.  Eat one ingredient foods grown in organic soil.  Meat, wild caught fish, green vegetables, berries, farm raised eggs, nuts and seeds.  My daughter and I needed help to make this transition, and we found it in a high quality protein supplement extracted from peas, cranberries, and rice.  It satisfied our hunger when we didn’t know what to eat.  But there was no gradual–eat a little less junk every day.  I was an addict, man!  And it grieved the heart of God to see His child so in bondage to food.  So I went to Him and prayed like Job and Solomon, “give me ordinary and necessary food.”  Show me how to prosper in body, soul and spirit together.  And I quit sugar and grains cold turkey.

Today, I love one ingredient foods.  I love water.  I spend the money for organically grown greens, because I waste less food, and my overall grocery bill is so much less.  My mind is clear.  I have energy.  I can move without pain.  And I long for God more than I long to eat.  Will you join me?  Your life depends on it.  And the Holy Spirit is waiting to guide you into ALL truth.  The truth about addiction to food.  And the truth about real freedom from it.