By applying principles of truth from scripture and research that has revealed God’s creation, you can learn to fully surrender your appetite to God. God cares about our bodies and the choices we make for clean fuel that restores our families to the level of health that makes us fit for service in God’s Kingdom.

For the last half century, I have eaten for comfort, and for relief from grief after being widowed three times. Amid the earthquake changes, we rebuilt family togetherness around food which we now understand was destroying our health. We were bonding around our “appetites” and that got quickly out of control.  We struggled to simply meet the demands of work and family with little energy left over to think about God’s kingdom on earth where our children and grandchildren will grow up. So, we changed our destructive ways of using food for comfort.

Here is a testimony from my daughter, Anna Joy–

Over my first six months I lost over seventy five pounds and I am a new person. I have friends who come home from college, and I just giggle when they scream, “What happened to you!!!!” Not only do they not recognize my body, but I’ve changed on the inside too. I have an excitement for life that was not there before I started on this journey. The amazing thing about this program is how easy it is to transfer what I learned into a permanent life style.












Our body, soul and spirit prosper together. There is great joy in this experience!