Linda Jeffrey, EdD, BS, MS, PA 


Dr. Linda Jeffrey discovered the secret of reversing debilitating chronic illness and accelerated aging by applying simple whole body health principles from both scripture and medical research. She received her Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Louisville, and also holds a Master of Science degree in genetics, a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, and a Physician Assistant degree.  She is co-author of Dr. Deanna’s Healing Handbook, and is a researcher, speaker, and author of numerous others books, articles, and white papers.

Jesus Christ maketh thee whole.  Acts 9:34

I have thought more in the last year about what it means to be whole than I have in my life.  I have experienced a health transformation at a time in my life when most people are experiencing a health deterioration.  I am dreaming of service to God in supernatural ways I could not possibly do if I were a prisoner to my food appetites as I was just a short time ago. Wholeness is breaking free.  Wholeness is to stop the focus on fixing myself and pressing towards a high calling in Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 3:14)  Though I am thrice widowed, I am NOT depressed or sick or lonely or needy or helpless or clueless.  This declaration of Peter needs to get under my skin—Jesus Christ makes me whole!  It is glasses through which I see everything! – Linda
Before & After My Health Transformation