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Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Exodus 20:3

The great idolatry of the 20th century occurred when men worldwide replaced God’s absolute truth with soft science.  Science continues to be the replacement god and is pervasive in America as the Dagon we worship.  For example,

  • Geology is interpreted through faith in macro-evolution
  • Man’s fallen nature is replaced with scientific claims that he can be educated to be good
  • Biblical responsibility for one’s actions is replaced by social science blaming upbringing and environment
  • “Be fruitful and multiply” has been replaced with chemical disease-inducing birth control.
  • Marriage has been replaced with evolutionary concepts of man as animal who must operate by instinct and uncontrollable desires
  • Social purity and order is replaced with man doing what is right in his individual thinking.

All of these examples demonstrate that idolatry is man choosing his own faulty reasoning and desire instead of God.  This is idolatry.  Idolatry has resulted in chaos, violence, disease, suffering, and death.

Acts 15 warns about another idolatry which has taken center stage in the 21st century—idolatrous food (Acts 15:28-29).  Institutionally, food has become idolatrous as man has chosen to replace God’s order with “scientific improvement.”  Food was created by God to produce seed after its own kind.  Those seeds have been altered to grow in nutritionally depleted soil, resist heavy chemical application that kills everything around it, and get to market bigger, quicker, and prettier.  Why is this a problem?  Because God provided food for nourishment.  He describes our food as “ordinary,” and “necessary.”  The 21st century modified food does not provide the nourishment we need, and its chemical alterations damage our immunity and induce disease.  Food is now highly processed to overstimulate the brain and major organs as it quickly turns to sugar.  It is addictive because of its flavor enhancers and neurochemical stimulants that are completely unnatural to God’s seed.  It leaves us hungry and undernourished with a weakened immune system.   Our major organs are worn out at midlife and we are left with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and premature death.

Webster defines idolatry as “excessive devotion to, or reverence for some person or thing.”  Food that appeals to the senses rather than providing nourishment for the body is available on every city street and those who choose it are idolators.  It is so easy to buy fast and cheap instant food that relieves us of responsibility for tending to the needs of the body which when broken, derails us from service in the Kingdom of God.

An Appetite for God gives the history, science, and scriptural truth that you need to honor God with your body.  Will you break free from an idolatrous generation?  As the angels said to Lot, “don’t linger!  Make haste to escape!”  Your life depends on it.