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Last year a few of the arsenic drugs that have been fed to our poultry for over 70 years were taken off the market; however, others remain, and the habitually wishy-washy FDA has nothing definitive to say about it.  If you are interested in the brands tested and the levels discovered, you can look at a study conducted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.  The industrial food producers have found arsenic necessary to kill parasites and to improve quick growth for greater profit.  Why are the animals sick?  Look at the disgusting pictures of CAFO’s on the internet, and it is obvious why they are sick.  Animals are confined to tiny cages or pens where mounds of excrement collect during their short lives.  They are fed drugs including arsenic and antibiotics, and in some cases growth hormones, because producing the most meat in the shortest amount of time is what affects the bottom line profit.  This excrement is used as fertilizer bringing the arsenic and other chemicals back to us in water runoff and industrial food production.

The drug companies and the CAFO industry claim arsenic is needed to raise healthy animals.  I can’t imagine their definition of healthy.  Of course feeding arsenic to animals is banned in Europe.  There are many resources to get information about this problem, so I will focus on only two—our pets and our children.

What is the major detoxing organ in your body beside your skin?  Your liver filters toxins from your body, and you cannot live without it.  The next time you buy a can of dog or cat food that is mainly chicken liver, think about it.  It is where arsenic is most concentrated, because that’s how the body gets rid of toxins, because the liver is working whether we are talking about humans or chickens.

Finally, our children have the most to lose by careless eating of non-organic chicken and other meats.  Here is the conclusion of the report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy:

Children who eat chicken also may face greater arsenic risks than we previously knew.  That’s because the latest science shows that some arsenic exerts its poisonous effects in ways that food regulators haven’t necessarily taken into account in setting “safe” levels, such as by disrupting hormone function.  Hormones are essential for the body’s function, as well as for normal development of a child’s brain, gonads and other organs.  Because nature intends for hormones in the body to function at very, very low levels, even tiny exposures to a hormone-disrupting chemical may be sufficient to throw normal hormone function off course.

I am on a personal quest to discover all the reasons our children are the sickest generation in history.  My grandchildren are arriving now in a toxic environment full of toxic air, toxic food, and toxic water.  Any time I read about brain damage in children, I think about the dozens of children I know who take drugs for ADD and autism.  The numbers are staggering—from 1 in 500 just ten years ago, to 1 in 44 boys today on the autism spectrum.  These toxins are crossing the blood brain barrier in infants and small children, and changing the course of life and health.  We can do many things to improve our children’s health.  When God created man, he created at the same time a magnificent immune system and a cellular mechanism that interacted perfectly with fertile food grown from nutrient rich soil and clean mineral laden water.  None of man’s schemes, including CAFO’s, industrial farming, genetically modified food, vaccine mediated immunity, or drug induced body balance, have made any improvement in God’s creation.  Worldwide research is plentiful to document all of these practices as destructive to health.  The path back to health and strength lies in understanding how God made us, and working with Him to nourish and strengthen the body He cares about.  That is the foundation of An Appetite for God.  It is a simple plan to seek wisdom and understanding, and like the wise man who built his house on a rock, we take action on what we know.  We realign the way we eat and live in order to please God and enjoy the long life that is His will for us.  You can read and do our 40-day transition to health plan by ordering your copy of An Appetite for God.  Get started today!  There is no time to waste!